Our Ales and Beers

Whether you call the Blythe a small independent brewery, a micro brewery, a craft brewery, an artisan brewery or a small brewery matters not, the essential matter is the quality of the product. With this in mind Alex and Kevin have undertaken a major development programme. Already installed since the acquisition is a state of the art cold store, the brewery has been expanded by a 50% increase in footage and new production equipment has been installed. Rigorous quality tests are undertaken on each batch.

This year the Company has joined the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) as an indication to their commitment to the industry. They are an Assured Independent British Craft Brewer which means the Blythe Brewery has agreed to abide by SIBA’s Manual of Good Brewing Practice. SIBA directly support the need for greater clarity for beer drinkers following a number of buyouts of previously independent craft breweries in the UK.

Any traditional ale or beer demands a good landlord to manage the product in the cellar. Blythe are proud to be associated with the Inns and Pubs stocking Blythe products.

The Ales and Beers are what makes Blythe a special brewery. The established brews are:


Bagot’s Bitter Pale amber in colour with a fruit start, with sweetness developing, to smooth bitter finish. This lightly hopped beer is a very easy drinking session beer.  ABV 3.8%





Ridware Pale Bright and golden with a bitter floral hop aroma and citrus taste. Good and hop sharp, bitter and refreshing, long lingering bite with ripples of citrus across the tongue.  ABV 4.3%





Staffie Sweet hoppy and citrus flower aroma from this amber beer. Gentle bitter start expands to a fresh fruity tang before the hops demand attention to the long bitter finish.  ABV 4.4%





Palmer’s Poison Malt and caramel are the first characteristics of this medium brown beer. Liquorice roast develops, hoppy throughout with a long bitter finish.  ABV 4.5%





Johnson’s Black with a thick head. Refreshingly hoppy and full bodied with lingering bitterness of chocolate, date and liquorice.  ABV 5.2%